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Welcome to the MsaaVerify Homepage!

MsaaVerify is a testing tool that verifies whether properties and methods off of the IAccessible interface (aka Microsoft Active Accessibility) meet the guidelines specified in the MSAA documentation on MSDN

STOP! - PLEASE READ - Update 12 Feb 2008
So you are looking for an accessibility testing tool... that's pretty cool in my book. So here are a few things you should know. I've uploaded the original MsaaVerify (from GotDotNet in 2004) as its own release here on CodePlex. In that release, you'll find its source code, a specification document (make sure to read to see what is tested and what isn't), and a test app. In other words, use this version for actual testing!

ORIGINAL MsaaVerify: Original Version From GotDotNet

"But Sara, why do you have this v1.1 release, and why is the v1.1 release checked into source control?" Well, back in the day, I thought i would be doing "frequently" releases to the new design (mostly coding improvements). However, that didn't really work out too well, considering it's been over a year and i haven't touched it. And the ironic thing is now that i'm the PM for CodePlex, MsaaVerify has now become my pet project in which i hope to finally finish the v1.1 version, and close this chapter in my life forever (i retired from accessibility in 2005).

So what does v1.1 do? it tests a button. That's all right now, so i think you'll get more enjoyment out of the original version.

!!!Note for 1.1 Alpha Build*
You must download MsaaVerify.exe to a location on your local machine (or to a non-temp location) in order for the crosshairs to work; otherwise, you will get a .NET Security Exception.

Thanks to Bertan for the first bug report!

Current Release Notes
The current release is more of a basic prototype, rather than any sort of alpha or beta. It currently verifies push buttons and edit boxes. Over time, i'll add support for other types of controls. I'm looking for feedback on the UI, as i'm sure there's a better way to represent results.

For next releases
No idea when this will happen, but i'm shooting for at least the most commonly-used controls, like static text, list views, and so forth, to make the tool usable for testing purposes.

MsaaVerify Design Spec.doc - Word 97-2003 format
MsaaVerify Design Spec.docx - Word 12 format

Quick Start to using MsaaVerify
  1. Download MsaaVerify 1.1 Alpha Release
  2. Save MsaaVerify.exe to the desired location (no install required)
  3. Run

Getting Started with MsaaVerify Development
  1. Download the latest source
  2. Open MsaaVerify.sln in Visual Studio
  3. Build and enjoy

Contributing to MsaaVerify

Obviously, i'm looking for people to participate in this project, whether you are new to Accessiblity or you use a screen reader yourself.

Feel free to contribute by
  1. Either creating new or finding existing bugs or feature requests you want to work on
  2. Leave a note in the comments that you're going to investigate this bug (until you have developer rights, you won't be able to assign bugs to yourself)
  3. Download the latest sources and create a bug fix
  4. Zip up your changes and post them as an attachment to the work item
  5. Fill out the Project Assignment Agreement.TIF form and follow the MsaaVerify Assignment Agreement Instructions to send it to us.

Note that by posting your submission to the Issue Tracker, you agree to do so under the CodePlex TOU

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